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Stephanie Cockerl

My name is Stephanie. What I do depends on what day it is.

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Digital Consulting


I have over 16 years of experience as an web programmer/developer, online marketer, and higher educational professional as both staff and faculty. 

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Hear me speak about topics in non-profit, web development and entrepreneurship.

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Organize Tea for a Less Taxing Teatim...


One of my organization clients received a gift. An assortment box of teas. However, due to dietary restrictions, they need to limit their caffeine intake.     Solution: Organize tea packets into categories: Decaffeinated Tea Green Tea Herbal Tea Oolong Tea Black Tea This way, they can enjoy their decaffeinated and herbal teas and leave […]

Organize buttons instead of pills

Organize buttons instead of pills

From time to time, I will be posting new uses for old things. This was a weekly medicine organizer, where one would organize their pills. Now, it’s being used as a button organizer, where the buttons are organized by color and size. This is a timesaver. Now one does not have to  rummage through a clear […]

If Something is not Available, Create...


There are certain lessons in life that repeat themselves, especially if the lesson hasn’t been retained the first time. This particular lesson occurred last week during Kwanzaa. This is the link to recap what happened. This enabled me to use the resources that I had to create what was needed. I had  tapped into my own creativity or […]

Canva has no Kwanzaa images, again!

Canva has no Kwanzaa images, again!

For the second year in a row, Canva has no pictures of Kwanzaa,  the holiday that promotes and builds community among African-Americans and those with African descent. This was last year’s (2014) search on Canva: This year’s search on Canva: It doesn’t get better when I search for “Kwanza” either. The above search results are an […]

Why I went back to a paper planner?

Why I went back to a paper planner?

It’s that time of the year, when people start making their plans and/or goals for the upcoming year. Along with that, people decide what type of planner to use. Nearly a year ago, I decided to make the shift from using a electronic planner (Google Calendar on desktop and iPhone)  as my primary calendar to a […]

Coupon Organizer Hack with Moleskine

Moleskine Pocket Memo with Coupons

I parted ways with my former coupon organizer. I was winding down after a long day of errands and then it hit me. The Moleskine pocket memo I used a while ago to keep track of receipts can also be used for coupons. I took everything out of the organizer. Then I put index card […]

Snowed In? 7 things you can do while ...

Snowed In? 7 things you can do while you wait it out.

In case you missed it, most of the New England area of the U.S. was slammed with snow. So much snow, that “Juno” pretty much brought everything to a halt. What to do when you are stuck indoors due to Mother Nature? I have some suggestions. 1. Now you have an extra day (or two) […]

Before and After: Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets After

A client asked me to organize their kitchen. The items were “all over the place” in the client’s words. This could be a weekend project that can take an hour or two. Solution: Keep like items together.

Didn’t like how your year turne...

Didn’t like how your year turned out on Facebook? Change it!

  If you have a Facebook account, you probably already know that Facebook has published a year end review of the highlights of your Facebook feed. Unfortunately for some, this year symbolized a year of loss. Some may not want to keep that moment in their summary. Good news! You can change your year in […]

Why wait until 1x a year to clear you...

Why wait until 1x a year to clear your computer desktop?

When was the last time you organized your computer desktop? Well, this is your chance since today is National Clean your Virtual Desktop Day. photo credit: Mr. Wright via photopin cc

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Ms. Cockerl has also been featured in the book, How to Start Your Business with $100 by Ja-Naé Duane.
ISBN-10: 0578048760

Stephanie Cockerl has been featured in the book, Creatively Self-Employed: How Writers and Artists Deal with Career Ups and Downs by Kristen Fischer.
ISBN-10: 0595421547

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