Canva has no Kwanzaa images, again!

For the second year in a row, Canva has no pictures of Kwanzaa,  the holiday that promotes and builds community among African-Americans and those with African descent.

This was last year’s (2014) search on Canva:

Last year's search for Kwanzaa images on Canva.

This year’s search on Canva:

This year's search for Kwanzaa images on Canva.

It doesn’t get better when I search for “Kwanza” either.

Kwanza search

The above search results are an insult. They also are disrespectful.
If I wanted to search for anyone in a Santa hat, I would of typed it in.

Hey, I don’t need a Santa hat, because I already have one. A chameleon, really?

How much would it had took to have someone, anyone, to create images for Kwanzaa? We know Canva had Hanukkah, as well as many Christmas and holiday images.

If its one thing I learn is is you can’t find it, you have to create Kwanzza images myself. Stay tuned.

I hope Canva doesn’t go for a three-peat next year.


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