A new next

There are certain lessons in life that repeat themselves, especially if the lesson hasn’t been retained the first time.

This particular lesson occurred last week during Kwanzaa.

This is the link to recap what happened.

This enabled me to use the resources that I had to create what was needed. I had  tapped into my own creativity or Kuumba (the 6th Principle of Kwanzaa) in order to bring this into fruition.

Happy Kwanzaa

In the end, I realized that I didn’t need anyone to provide the finished product for me. I only needed the knowledge and the tools to craft the vision of what I wanted to see. The face that it happened during Kwanzaa made it all the more meaningful.

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It’s that time of the year, when people start making their plans and/or goals for the upcoming year. Along with that, people decide what type of planner to use.

Nearly a year ago, I decided to make the shift from using a electronic planner (Google Calendar on desktop and iPhone)  as my primary calendar to a paper planner.

Passion Planner - paper planner


Writing it down is the start to making it happen.
My nana always says to write it down so that I won’t forget (her shopping list). This also works with ideas, appointments, meetings and planning.

I chose a paper planner to see the big picture, not just to make it through the day. If I focus on making it through the day, then that will always be my focus. If I look at the big picture, I can be sure to take definitive conscience steps to move towards my goals.

I still use Google Calendar as a backup. Now,  I mainly use it for directions.

Have you chosen your calendar for the new year? If so, is it paper planner or an electronic one?

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