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Its that time of year again. Everyone is declaring what they want to accomplish in the coming year.

Personally, I decided not to use the word resolution, but instead use the word goal.

A goal can be adjusted. A goal can also be broken down. A resolution is set in stone and it causes pressure to get it done or else.

I didn’t accomplish all my “declarations” from last year. At first I felt bad about them,  but at least I made progress on them, which is better than doing nothing at all. After all, who says that you stop working on them at the stoke of midnight?

There are many post out there that cover tips for achieving the “R” word.

So instead of asking “What are your resolutions for the coming year?”, I’m going to ask what steps are your taking toward your goals.

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Cute boy blowing candles on birthday cake, other children singing and clapping.

Cute boy blowing candles on birthday cake, other children singing and clapping.

Most people evaluate where they have been, where they are going and plan what they want to do when their birthday rolls around. Today, I’m going to kill a couple of birds with one stone. I am going to do a branding exercise by looking into the meaning of my name, explain how I got my name, and look at famous and influential women I know who also share the name Stephanie.

First, the meaning of Stephanie, means “crown”. I would like to translate it for today’s audience into being empowered and charged to accomplish great things. One doesn’t need a crown or be named Stephanie to accomplish great things. I like to think that I am helping people to be empowered through their websites, but enough about work.

When I was born, it took my folks a week to come up with my name. Stefanie Powers, (from Hart to Hart fame in the ’80s) was on TV, and that’s how I got the name, without the “f” but the “ph” instead.

In addition to famous Stephanies, I also want to acknowledge a few notable Stephanies who I am proud to share the name.

Stephanie Agresta, (who also has a birthday soon) I met virtually online several years ago. We have seen each other online and then finally met in person at a product launch event. I refer to her as the “Affiliate Diva” as she literally built multiple affiliate program for many companies.
Stephanie Fierman, who was recently profiled in ClickZ, I have met through a client and good friend of mine. She has a breath of knowledge in media and marketing and her insights make me think about my own marketing strategies.

Last but not least, there is a former co-worker of mine who is also named Stephanie. You can read about here in a post I did about networking.

So let’s get today started.

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Frosty Postbox

More from the customer service blues train.

I ordered refills for my notebook. I was tracking my package online and I realize that the package was sent to the wrong post office. I opened my e-mail to double check that I did put the right address on the form. I then called customer service and they said that there is nothing they can do.

It’s not my fault that it was sent to the wrong post office and I now have to go a mile out of my way to pay for someone’s foul up.

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System Error

I normally try not to complain on the blog, but this is business. I was considering switching web conferencing providers because recent clients sited that they could not see everything on my screen that I was presenting. I attempted to sign up for a free trial from Web Ex. When I entered in information, credit card, etc…, the error message came up that said “System currently unavailable. Please try again later.”

I then called customer service. Customer service, then routed me to a 15 minute wait for Technical Support. When I got them, they told me to login. How can I log into an account when at that stage I am not even a customer? I didn’t have an account and she expected me to login? The more she was talking the more confused I became, so the I hung up in frustration.
So Web Ex, please fix you form. This is the kind of thing that not only cost you leads, but also has an effect on the bottom line.

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Even though I work from home a majority of the time, there are instances when I must commute for business, family, or personal obligations. I have came up with a list of how to make the most out of any transit commute.

  1. Plan your strategy for a current or upcoming project;
  2. Read a publication of choice (book, magazine or newspaper);
  3. Listen to an audiobook;
  4. Monologue (or mono storming) ideas and jot them down in a notebook;
  5. Write your next article;
  6. Write your next blog post (Ahem…)
  7. Review past checklists and cross out completed tasks.

With these tips, one can put these to action when you are waiting in any scenario.

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Contstruction Hat

Contstruction Hat

I can answer that question with one word. Grandma.

My mother has passed. Mom didn’t have any siblings and neither do I so Grandma is all I have left of my maternal roots. It is my duty and obligation to look after my grandmother. Grandma took care of everyone, my great-grandmother, Mom, me, as well as my second-cousins. So this is why I must look after her.

My mother literally worked herself to death. She would be in the office as early as 5am, just to get some peace, quiet and focus to get her job done. What I will never forgive myself for is not being there for my mother during her last hours because I was working. I promised myself that I would never work so hard that I did not get to live my life.

So please, I realize that I may be taking a step back from my career, some of you may even consider it “career suicide”, but it is my honor and privilege to put my grandmother as a priority, since she has put everyone else first for so long.

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After Kitchen Sink Organizer

Ok, the organization bug has hit me hard, so hard that I’m have to have shopping trips and online transactions to the organization store approved before doing anything. Over the month of December, I decided to get started on my resolution early. To get my house in order in more ways than one. However, I had to attack the one place I dreaded more than anywhere, that being under the kitchen sink.

Before Under Sink Organizer

Before Under Sink Organizer

After Under Sink Organizer

The Large Under Sink Storage Shelves, 18 to 28-inches had turned chaos into calm. I’m actually motivated to clean. Mom would be proud.

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