Didn't like how your year truned out on Facebook? Change it!


If you have a Facebook account, you probably already know that Facebook has published a year end review of the highlights of your Facebook feed.

Unfortunately for some, this year symbolized a year of loss. Some may not want to keep that moment in their summary.

Good news! You can change your year in Facebook before you choose to publish it.

Using the Facebook app on my mobile phone, I had changed the Title, Caption and Pictures (up to 4) in my summary.  Facebook also categories moments by calendar  quarters. You can also delete the quarter if you choose to.

This functionality is only available to Facebook profiles and public figures.

Did you manage to change your Facebook year end summary before making it visible? Tell me in the comments.

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On September 15th, Facebook released the “Subscribe” button.

This way, one does not have to become a friend in order to keep up with your public updates.

If you don’t know about the public updates, click on the link to learn more.

Whenever someone posts something using the “Public” status, their subscribers will be able to see it.

There are directions available as to how to let folks subscribe to your Facebook Profile, or you can subscribe to others profiles.

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Tory Johnson of Women for Hire and frequent Good Morning America contributor “hit it” right on the head.

Like it or not, Social Media is here to stay and Facebook (with Google Plus accelerating) is leading the pack. As we said earlier, more recruiters are using Facebook & other social media to look for candidates. 

Are you up to date with social media, as it is becoming more of a skillset rather than just a ‘passing thing’?

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As an administrator for some Facebook pages, I wish there was some way to present a default admin avatar for each page that not necessarily the one from my Facebook profile. For example, I have a page that’s not so personal and a page that is all professional that I administrate. I don’t want my personal side to spill over to the professional pages that I manage.

Please hear my wish.


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