For the second year in a row, Canva has no pictures of Kwanzaa,  the holiday that promotes and builds community among African-Americans and those with African descent.

This was last year’s (2014) search on Canva:

Last year's search for Kwanzaa images on Canva.

This year’s search on Canva:

This year's search for Kwanzaa images on Canva.

It doesn’t get better when I search for “Kwanza” either.

Kwanza search

The above search results are an insult. They also are disrespectful.
If I wanted to search for anyone in a Santa hat, I would of typed it in.

Hey, I don’t need a Santa hat, because I already have one. A chameleon, really?

How much would it had took to have someone, anyone, to create images for Kwanzaa? We know Canva had Hanukkah, as well as many Christmas and holiday images.

If its one thing I learn is is you can’t find it, you have to create Kwanzza images myself. Stay tuned.

I hope Canva doesn’t go for a three-peat next year.


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It’s not often that I pull the angry auntie, or tia card (depends who you are talking to.)

This all started a long time ago, when women weren’t allowed to do certain things.

Fast forward to today.

At the recent #140edu conference in New York City, Lynn Langit (@llangit) – co-founder of Teaching Kids Programming was told as a young woman,

“Oh honey, girls don’t do math.”

The kettle was getting warm.

Then later in the week, Webgrrls posted about how one of the reasons girls and young women don’t go into technology  is that it can limit their dating potential.

The kettle was boiling.

Finally, JCPenny was selling these “I’m too pretty to do Homework T-shirt  and “My Best Subjects” to little girls.

These definitely caused the kettle to blow!

The power of the Internet did save the day and the retailer, decided to stop selling the Homework T-shirt.

With September being Women of Achievement Month, we should look to examples of women how have paved the way like Ada Lovelace , Sophia Germain and countless others. I hope that we can point to more pioneering women who are continuing to lead the way.

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Holding a Megaphone

I am reflecting on this year & manifesting what’s next. Join me and 3,000 bloggers, tweeters, tumblers, etc. at to share your story.

December 17 – Lesson Learned What was the best thing you learned about yourself this past year? And how will you apply that lesson going forward? (Author: Tara Weaver)

Nothing like the weekend to catch up and/or get ahead on blog posts.

I learned to finally come out of my shell and speak up. Some folks hate me for for it. Others are wondering what took me so long.

Simply put, I was tired of always taking a back seat and sitting on the sidelines, especially if something doesn’t sit right with me, or if I can offer a better option.

How are you magnifying or amplifying your voice?

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Crossing out Plan A and writing Plan B on a blackboard.

I stumbled on an link from the New York Times on Facebook called Architect, or Whatever and it really stuck home for me.

It was validation for me that I made the right decision in following my gut.

I don’t  remember if I mentioned it before,  but I did study architecture in college.

According to the article, these folks embarked on different careers due to the current state of affairs for architects.

As anyone can tell you that had been though an collegiate architecture program, that even though the materials may change, the skills do not go away.

An architect, or any creative professional for that matter can apply their experience to many careers, creative or not.

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I was coming back from a client  last week and I saw quite a few laptops on the train. Typically my commute is less than an hour, so its not worth it  for me to whip out the laptop, because as soon as I take it out, its time to get off the train. It would be a different story if I was going regional (more than a couple of hours) then it wouldn’t be an issue.

For now, I’ll stick to my usual mode of operation.

Let me know are you more likely to use the laptop while commuting or waiting until you get to your destination?

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I happened to come across a blog post from Chris Brogan names Points of Contact.

A few months ago, I had went though an audits of off all my email, and social media accounts.

At the end of it, I decided to delete 2 email accounts I wasn’t using and stopped actively using a couple of social media accounts. Do I need all my email addresses to be accessible on my phone and my iPod? Do I need my social media accounts to be available on my phone and my iPod?

Saul Colt, put it perfectly in his post about Foursquare. I realize through this exercise that what may be the latest and greatest social tool might not be the best fit.

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One thing I have learned not necessarily through business, but through volunteering is that if there are too many cooks in the kitchen, walk away and do what you know best instead of trying to be all over the place.

Its good to be helpful, but sometimes being helpful can do more harm than good,which leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

At the end of the day, at least one can go to bed knowing that they at least tried to make a difference.

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