Someone who shall remain nameless saw on the local news a few days ago that Blackberry may give refunds due to the service disruptions caused over the past few days. According to a news article found, the carriers are not responsible for the outtage, but RIM the manufacturer itself.

Blackberry instead is deciding to open its vault of applications and offer several premium apps for free as a thank you gesture.

What the reaction to this on “the street” remains to be seen.

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Being based on the East coast, if I wasn’t able to use mobile text messaging over this past week with everything that went down, I don’t know what I would have done. The Fast Company article, Text Messages Aren’t Enough When Natural Disaster Strikes explores how social media has become a part of communications during a disaster.

Speaking of texting, Blackberry is still “in the hotseat” in its role in the riots. How Blackberry, not Twitter fueled the London riots

To end on a lighter note. All Things D has a cartoon strip called “Don’t Shoot the Messenger.” One you read the post, you’ll understand.

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I’m going to try a new method, going around and looking for relevant links that relate to one theme or another. Today its Mobile.

T-Mobile has a caller id for 4 bucks a month.– bringing “old school” landline service to mobile.

The HTC Status, with a physical “Share to Facebook” button has been released. – not quite sure what to make of this. Social media sites come and go and HTC is taking a big gamble here.

A 20% Tax on Cellphone Service?

Planning to Travel this Summer? Want to know if you’ll have service? Find out how.

How Safe is your Smartphone?

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Hi, My name is…. and I’m an Apple Addict.

Actually I have a split personality (Mac and PC literate) but when I’m in the Apple store, like that garden, there’s temptation at every turn.

Luckly, the last time I went to the Apple store, the guy was nice enough to tell me that the iWork package was cheaper when brought online as opposed to getting it in the store. This is all in line with Apple’s initiative to go paperless.

Learn more as to how to save on your next apple purchase.

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