Tory Johnson of Women for Hire and frequent Good Morning America contributor “hit it” right on the head.

Like it or not, Social Media is here to stay and Facebook (with Google Plus accelerating) is leading the pack. As we said earlier, more recruiters are using Facebook & other social media to look for candidates. 

Are you up to date with social media, as it is becoming more of a skillset rather than just a ‘passing thing’?

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One of the things about taking a vacation is deciding what books to bring. Today, the choice is made more cumbersome with the question of medium and device. I already made decison to stay unwired with books for the duration of my “vacation”. Read more about one person’s decision process.

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It’s that time of year again.

Yesterday, I attended the 2011 Small Business Technology Summit. While normally at these events I would be tweeting non-stop, turns out I did more in person networking than tweeting.

Therefore, I searched the #smallbizsummit feed and have highlighted the best tweets that encapsulate the summit.

As always, thanks to @RamonRay , @marianbanker , the staff and all involved for throwing a phenomenal event.


RT @ChellyElite: Walk a show before you decide to become a vendor. – Angela Jia Kim #smallbizsummit

RT @oppsproject: LOVE RT @huangjulie: “Very small businesses can do BIG things,” says @RamonRay #smallbizsummit

RT @Coach_Colette: Bootstrapping CAN lead to exponential growth! Connect w/customers & find right strategic partners #smallbizsummit

RT @LisaByrne: Mobile users are 51% more productive on a daily basis – Mark Gambill (Dell) #smallbizsummit

RT @themayoress: “Failure spurs improvement” – @colderICE at #smallbizsummit

Looking for more? Follow the #smallbizsummit hashtag on Twitter, and come out next year.

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Well for the most part.

I can see someone asking me which site to use for their blogging needs. The answer is “it depends.”

I have been using Tumblr a bit longer than Posterous, but not by much.

With Posterous, I have been able for the most part, to post to other sites including this blog (within the Posterous inferface, not by email, sigh.), my TypePad blog , the college one, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

However, with the Tumblr one (known for microblogging), I’ve been pulling from my other non-work related blogs as well as finding non-work related links and posting them there. Of course, Tumblr also had the option to post to Twitter and Facebook.

Are you using, Posterous, Tumblr or both like I am?  If so, how are you using them?

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We are continuing to find options in lieu of the Delicious news. simply takes all the links across your social networks, catalogs them and makes them searchable.

In terms of functionality, is most similar to Delicious in terms of saving, tagging and commenting on links.  The sweet spot is  the social media hookup.

I was first introduced to  via twitter. So after a while, I finally tried it out over the past week.

I admit, its nice to tweet and forget it until you need it.

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