Lately, I have been busy working. I did however managed to get one of my tips featured in an interview blog at The Dabbling Mum.

However, in a week, I will have a chance to escape from the office. I’m back to speaking (at least in a local/giving back kind of way).

February 26, 2009 –
Metropolitan College of New York

February 28, 2009 –
Brooklyn Technical High School

Both events are Career Day panels where I with others discuss having a career in multimedia.

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BlogHer '07 FunAt the Blogher ’07 conference, A World of Difference, it was nice to finally see the dynamic women behind the blogs. Wendy Piersall of eMoms at Home and Valencia Roner of Why Black Women are Angry are some of the many blogs which I draw inspiration.

It was also nice to see some familiar faces at the conference. Aliza Sherman, founder of Webgrrls and Nelly Yusupova, current Webgrrls NYC chapter leader were on hand to speak. Fellow Metropolitan College of New York MBA alumna Lynne d Johnson, was also on hand to moderate a panel on maintaining safer spaces online. She asked me “What took me so long? (to speak)”

Overall, I feel as if I have come full circle by me speaking at BlogHer. Being able to see familiar faces, yet also being able to embrace the present. I am inspired to do more things with blogging than I thought that were possible.

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