A professor from the University of South Carolina who encouraged her students to use Twitter in their French class will be receiving an honorary knighthood from the French government.

Dr. Lara Lomicka Anderson, associate professor in the College of Arts and Sciences at USC, will be awarded the Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Academiques (Order of Academic Palms) for advancing the French language. It’s quite a big deal – the original deceleration was established by Napolean Bonaparte.

Dr. Anderson, who is also the author of The Next Generation: Social Networking and Online Collaboration in Foreign Language Learning, a book about how social networking can be used to advance foreign language instruction and improve online study, and alongside colleague Dr. Lara Ducate has actively promoted the use of new technology in foreign language teaching.

Dr. Anderson says the use of Twitter has helped to foster conversation and built a greater sense of community in and out of the classroom. She received funding for her research from the American Council on Education and AT&T.

This isn’t the first time Dr. Anderson has been the recipient of a major award. In 2008 she was bestowed with the National Excellence in Technology award by The American Council.

Dr. Anderson will be knighted and honoured by the French consul this fall.

See what happens when one combines social media and language and tweeting and there’s impact.

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I have spoken about my experiences as an adjunct professor regarding plagiarism.  Recently, the Huffington Post wrote a post  – More Students Misunderstand The Fundamentals Of Plagiarism.

Colleges and Professors need to know that their students can form their own opinions and plagiarism is a dissolution of any original thought.

Hopefully, with the new school year being here, and around the corner for others, can raise awareness not only among students, but also within higher education.

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Over the weekend, I stumbled upon this post: 5 Things I Would Tell a Social Media Professor.

Being that I did teach two marketing courses as an adjunct professor, the logical choice would be to include it as part of an internet marketing course or a general marketing course.

One could also argue that its also a good idea to have an online reputation management course, but that’s a post for another day.

If you look at it, if you asked a professor 5 years ago if Internet Marketing should be its own course, it would have been quickly disregarded. Now there are multiple internet marketing courses in on-line, offline and hybird formats.

I think its a bit pre-mature for it to be its own course at this point. However, I’m saying in those famous words, never say never.

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I saw edustir’s recent post about teaching and it had me thinking. Granted, I haven’t taught in nearly 4 years. However, I wonder just how easy it would be for me to get  back into it.

Would it be like riding a bike? They say you never forget how to ride a bike.

The students today however are much more web savvy then they were 4 years ago. They are a bit more comfortable with researching, blogging and networking at least.

When I implemented blogging into my classes, I was considered some what of a renegade.  Now, students can’t get enough about blogging about themselves and their experiences. Even some faculty have started to get into the act.

We have been starting to realize that people learn in different ways and that 90 minutes to 2 hrs of class time isn’t always going to get the point across.

Instructors have to realize that even though the tools always change, but the learning goals  have to remain consistent.

Now, I wonder what type of teaching and experience it would take to be a good instructor.

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