It seems weird to be writing about an app that encourages you to be away from your phone.

UNICEF has a clean water app which users can spend time away from the phone.

If a user spends 10 min away from the phone, Giorgio Armani will donate clean water for 1 child.

I was able to spend an hour away from the phone (which is unheard of).

I was not able to fully participate in National Day of Unplugging. However, I feel that 1 hour did make a difference.

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Its hard to believe, but on this date 10 years ago, the iPod was launched. It has not only changed the way we listen and consume music, but also if you have an iPod Touch, the way we do other things as well.

I remember finally getting my first iPod. Its not because I blogged about it. It was a week before a VIP family event and the family hasn’t been the same since.

H/T to the COO for spotting this. She has really been working overtime this weekend.

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Someone who shall remain nameless saw on the local news a few days ago that Blackberry may give refunds due to the service disruptions caused over the past few days. According to a news article found, the carriers are not responsible for the outtage, but RIM the manufacturer itself.

Blackberry instead is deciding to open its vault of applications and offer several premium apps for free as a thank you gesture.

What the reaction to this on “the street” remains to be seen.

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I hardly print out anything nowadays unless it absolutely necessary.

DYK (as the kids say,) or for the rest of us, “Did You Know?” that if you changed the font that you use that your ink can last longer?

Lucky for me, I was always partial to a particular font.

This tip will especially come in handy for those on campus who are submitting papers the ‘old school’ way.

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It’s not often that I pull the angry auntie, or tia card (depends who you are talking to.)

This all started a long time ago, when women weren’t allowed to do certain things.

Fast forward to today.

At the recent #140edu conference in New York City, Lynn Langit (@llangit) – co-founder of Teaching Kids Programming was told as a young woman,

“Oh honey, girls don’t do math.”

The kettle was getting warm.

Then later in the week, Webgrrls posted about how one of the reasons girls and young women don’t go into technology  is that it can limit their dating potential.

The kettle was boiling.

Finally, JCPenny was selling these “I’m too pretty to do Homework T-shirt  and “My Best Subjects” to little girls.

These definitely caused the kettle to blow!

The power of the Internet did save the day and the retailer, decided to stop selling the Homework T-shirt.

With September being Women of Achievement Month, we should look to examples of women how have paved the way like Ada Lovelace , Sophia Germain and countless others. I hope that we can point to more pioneering women who are continuing to lead the way.

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Being based on the East coast, if I wasn’t able to use mobile text messaging over this past week with everything that went down, I don’t know what I would have done. The Fast Company article, Text Messages Aren’t Enough When Natural Disaster Strikes explores how social media has become a part of communications during a disaster.

Speaking of texting, Blackberry is still “in the hotseat” in its role in the riots. How Blackberry, not Twitter fueled the London riots

To end on a lighter note. All Things D has a cartoon strip called “Don’t Shoot the Messenger.” One you read the post, you’ll understand.

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