Favorite Tweets from Blogher 2009

I'll Be Tweeting

As promised, here are my favorite tweets from Blogher 09.

jilltxt Nice slide at #blogher – this cover of the Economist Dec 2005, but with “man” scrawled out: “women in cyberspace http://bit.ly/H7XVy

BlogHer #blogher10 will be in NYC in August! http://bit.ly/YJWgS – Denise

BackpackingDad Stefanie just said editors don’t want your book to be old blog posts. Crap. There goes my book about my family vacation. #BlogHer09

MeganSmith Do not pay an agent to read your book. At. All. Do not pay. #blogher09

MeganSmith Right on for Grace Davis: victims of child abuse do not have to forgive their abusers. Right on! #blogher09

jilltxt Online 55-72 year olds are twice as able to do various cognitive tasks as non-online older people. Raney Aronson-Rath at #blogher09

delora If the keynote speakers start crying, what hope is there for the rest of it? *weep* #blogher09

squaregirl True, but #blogher09 still made me want to go home and write, create, make change in the world. http://bit.ly/4r8rPG (via @gwenbell)

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  1. Elisa Camahort Page August 13, 2009 @ 4:42 pm

    Thanks for sharing these, they’re lovely!

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