Google Reader to Licorize Tip


We all know about what may or may not happen to Delicious.

In the meantime, I have been using Licorize for a few months now. I admit, what drawn me to  is the ability to make bookmarks into actionable tasks and projects.

I had successfully imported nearly 6,000 (yes 6 thousand) booksmarks into Licorize, but I know I also had some starred items in Google Reader.

In the past, I had the “send to” button for a post to got to my Delicious account.

So I went to Licorize’s FAQ and entered in “Google Reader” and there I found the FAQ that answered my query.

I implemented the solution, but then still something was amiss.

The title wasn’t included when I selected “Send to Licorize”.

Therefore, I put on my web analytics hat on and saw that the title variable was needed.

See my solution on the Licorize FAQ site.

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