New: Staples Arc vs Levenger Circa

Staples Arc vs Levenger Circa

One of the things that I am habitual about are notebooks. I rotate notebooks like I rotate seasons.

One notebook system that I have been using is the Staples Arc Notebook System.

As of this writing, I’ve been using it for about 4 years.

Before the Arc, I was using the Levenger Circa. I was first introduced to it during a business trip.

I like being able to rearrange sheets, dividers and folder. I also like being able to change a notebook cover on a whim.

There are¬†fairly compatible. I’ve been known to mix and match.

Why I switched from the Levenger Circa to the Staples Arc?


Staples is nearer to me than the Levenger Store (there are none in my state.) The pricing doesn’t hurt either.

Also, my favorite Levenger sales person who I used to call retired.

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