Organize meaningful places and spaces

Organizing meaningful places and spaces.

Ancestor broomI specialize in organizing places and spaces after the loss of a loved one.

I also organize before, during and after other life transitions:

  • New member of the family
  • Family members moving in/out
  • Marriage/Divorce
  • Roommates moving in/out
  • Relocation


Stephanie was a big help. She helped us organize our home after my mother’s passing. She was patient with us as we sorted through the items with care. Stephanie was also able to help us donate, sell and discard items we no longer needed.
– Gabby B.
New York, NY

For more information and an estimate, please contact me.

If you’re not ready yet, feel free to peruse my organization archive or sign up for my tips and tricks to make the most out of any space.

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