• One step at a time.

    One step at a time.

A client upgraded to a broadband connection for their office and they were not receiving any email inquiries. Another company did the installation. They blamed me because they were not receiving any inquiries. They even went as far to “terminiate” my services.

I then decided to have their inquires routed to multiple accounts for risk management purposes.
When I was going to chalk this up to experienence, they call me and says that they recieved a lead. They apologized and would prefer to leave things as they are. The lesson here, no matter how difficult a situation may be, always have a back-up plan during a major move or overhaul.

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I received a pink slip from a company that I worked for part-time due to budget cuts. Instead of sulking, I had forged ahead full-force and got into the pink slip mood. My birthday was the next week, so I sent out an Evite to everyone and called it the Pink Slip Party, complete with a Pink Slip dress from Bluefly. Its kool to take lemons and make lemonade.

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There is one thing that has never steered me wrong. My gut feeling. If after talking with someone and I get a ok vibe, I give the prospect a chance.

If you have had disagreements with prospects in the past because they do not care for your methods that is often a waring sign that things will not work out. (This tip is good for any type of relationship, but we are going OT here.) If they can’t understand why you will not touch their questionable website(s), that’s also a warning sign. I got a tirade via e-mail because I refused to do web marketing work for someone with questionable material. Its not often that I bring up my beliefs in my work, but I want to be associated with work I can be proud of and show my folks.

There are also some prospects and clients that show no sympathy for the grieving process. I was griveing for my Mother and clients were not patient with me, despite the fact that I told them I would be out of commission for a while. I lost 5 prospects and 2 clients, but it was more important to me to be totally in the work zone and do a good job, then doing bad job and feeling rushed.

I had a volunteer client I had to give up because of the added responsibility I had after the lost of my mother.

I also had no computer at all. Both my computers crashed over the summer and I felt that all hope was lost.

There was also a client who wasn’t happy with anything that I did. Yet another reason to leave.

Another one expected me to be more of a personal assistant, contacting people for them because they had politcal aspirations.

I can go on and on, but the point is be comfortable and confident that you will do a good job. If not, its easier to walk away sooner than later.

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After a session with a noteworthy fashion and style diva, I decided that the philosophy of getting rid of what one does not need, does not fit, or does not use can apply to more than just clothing.
After much procrastination, I had finally decided to tackle my abode and determine what items fit in those categories.

The first thing I parted with was my architecture supplies. I haven’t “done” architecture since my undergraduate days. I had decided to post them in the “free” section of Craigslist in the hopes that a current student could benefit from them. Within a matter of hours, an interior design student replied to my post and picked the supplies up.

Other items that I had sold on Craigslist included an external CD hard drive, a memory card and an ottoman. I had even sold my previous Palm Zire 71 on eBay, because I had upgraded to the Treo 650.

The main point is that one does not need an actual yard, or a ton of flyers posted around the neighborhood to have a yard sale. By posting the wares online, the yard becomes the whole world, and that certainly covers an infinite amount of square footage. You also don’t have to spend an entire Saturday waiting for customers to peruse through your bins.

What does not sell, you can donate. I donated my clothes to the Salvation Army. All I had to do was call to arrange a pick-up date.

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The lesson here, go with your gut. This client bugged me while I was mourning the loss of my mother, I gave money back to them earlier because I haven’t done any work. I finally do some work, get a check, and it bounces costing me fees, headaches and aggravation.

That’s right, the client’s check bounced, which of course means that all the payments I made are voided. Now I am forced to break my piggy bank to cover the fees incurred against the account because someone wrote a bad check. Why does the depositor get penalized. How was I supposed to know that the client would give me a bad check? That the bad check violated my trust, and it makes me look bad in the eyes of my payees.

I have since fired that client. The lesson, go with your gut.

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