• One step at a time.

    One step at a time.

Cell phone companies are offering upgrade deals if they bring their old cellphone.

Police stations are also asking the public to bring in old cellphones to aid women in need that are suffering from domestic abuse.

The Body Shop has a program .Donate a phone, save a life that also aids in fighting domestic violence.

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The mantra here at TECHXNY is “stick to what you know and sell it”.

Olympus, HP and T-mobile were some exhibitors today that demonstrated their wares for show attendees.

Olympus promoted the C and D series of Digital Cameras. The C- series Cameras for everyday consumers offer a point and shoot digital camera, while the D Series are geared towards professional-business users.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) demonstrated their series of printers for primarily business use.
The business printer DesignJet 800 produced high resolution, eye-popping printout of cars and maps.
This model is more geared for the office user for concept to presentation drawings.

Cell Phone providers included in the event are T-moblie and Nextel. T-mobile had phones and communicators geared toward the young hipster to the serious business user.
Nextel is well know for it walkie -talkie feature on phones.

Despite all these features, the ideal of philantrophy is also present at the expo, The National Cristina Foundation is urging businesses to donate their used equipment to empower people with disabilites communites and non-profits. Dell Computer decided to take this concept more closer to home with its Recyling Program. On the Dell 4 Me recycling site at www.dell4me.com/recycling, users can choose to recycle their products in return for special offers from Dell or Donate for a tax deduction.

Iomega who wasn’t in attendance at the show, has been doing this for a while, offering discounts for upgrading their peripherals and customers send back their old equipment to the company, where the company donates them to areas in need.

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For the first time in my Academic Career, plagiarism has knocked on my door. None the less, “Eagle Eye” (a name given to me by a colleague) noticed that the papers were too perfect. Lo and behold, I did a google search and I found them on the web. Talk about the students sending me on a virtual adventure!
The outcome, I failed the student. School policy. In this day and age, professors need to be just as savvy as students.

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