We are continuing to find options in lieu of the Delicious news. simply takes all the links across your social networks, catalogs them and makes them searchable.

In terms of functionality, is most similar to Delicious in terms of saving, tagging and commenting on links.  The sweet spot is  the social media hookup.

I was first introduced to  via twitter. So after a while, I finally tried it out over the past week.

I admit, its nice to tweet and forget it until you need it.

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We all know about what may or may not happen to Delicious.

In the meantime, I have been using Licorize for a few months now. I admit, what drawn me to  is the ability to make bookmarks into actionable tasks and projects.

I had successfully imported nearly 6,000 (yes 6 thousand) booksmarks into Licorize, but I know I also had some starred items in Google Reader.

In the past, I had the “send to” button for a post to got to my Delicious account.

So I went to Licorize’s FAQ and entered in “Google Reader” and there I found the FAQ that answered my query.

I implemented the solution, but then still something was amiss.

The title wasn’t included when I selected “Send to Licorize”.

Therefore, I put on my web analytics hat on and saw that the title variable was needed.

See my solution on the Licorize FAQ site.

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The last time we looked at bookmarks, we were examining different options for organizing bookmarks. I happened to stumble upon a post from Web Worker Daily talking about a new bookmark site called Licorize.

So I signed up for an account and I went exploring. In my account, there were some bookmarks I labeled “todo” and “toread”. Licorize has an option to import your bookmarks that have a certain tag.

I have already read I handful of items from my to read list within the first hour or so of importing.

In addition, you can also organize your items into “Projects” which is also helpful to stay focused.

Have you tried out Licorize? Let me know.

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Do you feel that links are everywhere and you don’t seem to have one central place for them all?

Sure some say “Why do I have to worry about my links? That how come  I have my browser.”  However what happens if you computer goes down or crashes?

That’s why I use Xmarks.  Xmarks syncs your bookmarks, across multiple computers if necessary. So on I  am able to have my bookmarks  on both my computers without missing a beat.

Others my say, ” Well, all the links that I like are on my feed reader or insert  any social media network here) & they are starred, favored and/or saved.”  That’s great, but what happens if someone asks your advice on something and you need to retrieve THAT link to get the answer?

I have returned back to after a 6 month hiatus. I admit it. I was also starring & favoring for the last 6 months. I admit, I got lazy.

So I am as I’m writing this post, I am archiving links I liked from both my feed reader and social accounts and putting them into

Well, what about Evernote? I use Evernote more for goal setting than archiving. I have used  the “Clip to Evernote”  bookmarklet, but having a designer eye, I’m a bit wrinkled (for lack of a better term) about how the note displays after its clipped. I know its all about the content.  For now, goal setting and visioning works just fine for me.

After all, someone said that its not good to have all the eggs in one basket.

So, how do you archive your bookmarks?

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Back in the day, one had to manually re-bookmark their bookmarks or favorites from browser to browser.
Now ’tis the season for traveling and one may or may not have the patience to tug a laptop along on a trip.

I had went as far a exporting my bookmarks to a html file on my USB drive.

As I would often forget my USB drive, I had then uploaded the file to My Yahoo! Briefcase to virtually transport them from work, school and home.
Then, came Google Browser Sync, which syncs your FireFox bookmarks for one browser to another, i.e. from a desktop to a laptop.
Now, social bookmarking, you can also bookmark your personal websites as well. Most sites like allow you to make bookmarks private, so that you will only have access to them when you login.
Now if you are on the go from one computer to another, or traveling, one does not have to worry about accessing their bookmarks. Just remember, to use your web resources.

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