I was reading my feeds and one of my clients below summed it up perfectly. Not to mention how it fits so nicely with my cleaning binge. Sometimes it’s better to cut your losses rather than remain in an uncomfortable situation.

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Getting Divorced Or How I Learned That Some Clients Just Aren’t Worth It

When I launched my business 23 years ago it seemed like any client was a good client or maybe even a desired client or, at least, a name to help flesh out my very thin roster of business. Over the…

The Blatant Truth Weblog: tips and commentary from Adrian Miller author of “The Blatant Truth: 50 Ways to Sales Success.”

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Since I’m still lagged, I thought It would be best to post some “Working” links I found useful over the past few weeks.

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Business Owners are Always Looking for a Job – As a Business Owner, one can never truly rest especially on vacations and holidays. Adrian Miller voices her option on why business owners are always loking for thr next opportunity.

How to Handle Difficult People – Every working person had to deal with a difficult person at one point in their professional career. This article has tips on how to deal and when to know when its time to move on.

10 Requirements for Working with Clients in Other Countries – Another inevitable fact is having to work with people from other countries. This articles maiy discusses working with clients, but the tips can be applied to any situation.

Remote Working from Anywhere – I found myself working from my family reunion. I admit working with family members all arround can have its challenges, but there were some days where I was able to have the place to myself and work.

Lastly, a Tip for this Tuesday morning that we will all need (except those still on v-k), Monday Morning Productivity Jump Start. I will be using these tips today (Monday) since business owners ever really have a day off.

Have a good Labor Day everyone.

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As you may know, I have been traveling on the road, meeting and connecting with professionals that are in the same boat. In addition to attending the eduWeb 2008 Conference in Atlantic City, NJ last month, thanks to Freelancers Union , I won a f*ree registration to the Creative Freelancers Conference in Chicago, IL.

If you are going to the conference(or not), join us in the pre-conference festivities on Facebook or Ning created by yours truly.

Once again, follow me during the conference at

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The first step in this process is actually interviewing myself. We can call this the sample interview. After all, how can I expect to interview people if I cannot be honest with myself?

The first thing that I tell clients and colleagues alike is that you have to know where you have been before you can know where you are going.

As for me, I didn’t start off in search, or on the web for that matter. In fact I was an architecture student planning to build buildings, but my work-study job was in a computer lab. Need I say more?

So, a few people and I built websites for a few organizations in college. After graduation, I did work for an architecture firm for a few months, but after my great-grandmother’s passing, I realized that life was too short to not to be doing what I like to do, being online.

So I started pounding the pavement. My first gigs were freelance gigs (I should of known something then), but I settled down to a programming position for a year.

I was then laid off. A month later, I worked at a certain Internet advertising company doing the precursor to text ads with banner ads. Two years went by, and I decided to get an MBA.

After getting the MBA, I started looking for work, this was post-bubble 2002. Finally, I find a job as an Internet Marketing Analyst. My role was to prepare reports, provide assistance with programming and deal with vendors that provided services for my employer.

Even though the title didn’t change much, the responsibilities evolved. I was first reviewing and deciphering log files (anyone remember those?) As time went on I became interested in SEO and SEM and how they made an impact on traffic.

In 2006, I was laid off yet again, but this time, I decided to start working for myself, primarily due to eldercare responsibilities. In addition to growing personal responsibilities, my business also started to evolve once again, this time to blog development.

Now I focus on not only branding and customizing blogs, but I also focus on making them of course, search engine friendly.

What advice I would give? Don’t be afraid to learn something new. Its just one of those challenges that one encounters on the road to success.

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It’s that time of year again, when most people are getting tax documents by snail mail in order to file taxes for the previous year. However, this time around, I’m a bit excited and nervous at the same time.

This has to be the first year ever that all I’ve gotten was 1099s of one way or another. Of course I’ve been saving as I went along so the sting will not hurt as much. None the less, I do not regret making the decision to go freelance.

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The grief process happens to us all whether we are employed full-time, part-time or freelancing in my case.

I have come up with tips through my experiences as to how to deal with grief.

1. Inform current clients that you need the time off – Its OK to take time to grieve and one cannot put grieving on a set schedule.

2. Inform prospective clients – if they cannot understand or need someone to work on something right away, its OK to pass projects up. As Gram says, if it was meant for you, they will either wait or move on.

3. Outsource – If you are eager to help the prospect, but don’t have the energy, see about outsourcing the project to someone that is eager and who can work on the project on you behalf.

4. Set a voice mail message so that people will not be expecting for you to get back to them right away.

5. Journal with pen and paper – Journaling offline helped me to capture memories and good times. It also helped me to face my feelings about loss and work towards being at peace with the situation.

6. Work on work in small doses. With accomplishing small tasks, it helped me to build back my self esteem, so that I would have the courage and strength to get back to the big projects.

7. Take time to clean up your own business. I took my own advice from a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t do any coding for a week. I worked on cleaning out my inbox, prioritized my emails, sorted my filters, and cleaned out my place. Anything that would help to clear one’s head and be prepared to eventually get back to business is a positive step.

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Yes, Its that time of the year yet again. Last year, I wrote about what freelancers can do to go to holiday parties through their networks.

If you have been good about online networking all year, you have probably received a few invites from colleagues, clients and associates to their events.

If you haven’t, there are things that you can do to welcome the holiday season.

1. Throw or participate in a Holiday Potluck. Recently a few friends and I threw a potluck as a way to learn about other people’s recipes and holiday stories.

2. Meet new people. Sometimes we are caught behind our desks 24/7 that we sometimes forget how to be social. Its good to find a group (by using Meetup as an example) to reach out in person that interest you (that is not necessarily related to computers and/or the Internet.) Its also nice to have a place just to chill and where people will not always associate you with being a web designer.

3. Be open to new possibilities. This is the season for light and hope. You never know who you may meet when you are out and about that may lead you to that next project or that next good friend.

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Contstruction Hat

Contstruction Hat

I can answer that question with one word. Grandma.

My mother has passed. Mom didn’t have any siblings and neither do I so Grandma is all I have left of my maternal roots. It is my duty and obligation to look after my grandmother. Grandma took care of everyone, my great-grandmother, Mom, me, as well as my second-cousins. So this is why I must look after her.

My mother literally worked herself to death. She would be in the office as early as 5am, just to get some peace, quiet and focus to get her job done. What I will never forgive myself for is not being there for my mother during her last hours because I was working. I promised myself that I would never work so hard that I did not get to live my life.

So please, I realize that I may be taking a step back from my career, some of you may even consider it “career suicide”, but it is my honor and privilege to put my grandmother as a priority, since she has put everyone else first for so long.

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