According to MediaPost, 20% or 1 in 5 are planning to go to a no contract plan.

Personally, this was not surprising as I recently downgraded my family plan to an individual plan and spun off Grandma on a no-contract plan.

I wish I could do the same myself and have a phone, just for the phone and use my iPod Touch for the PDA functionality. Unfortunately they don’t  let you transfer a contract number to a non-contract one.

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Given everything that has happened in the last 48 hours and since my internet access to my cable provider is down, this seems as good as time as any to finally do a review on the Virgin MiFi 2200 card.

I was on the MiFi predessor, the USB drive before switching over to the MiFi.

I did the switch over the phone since I had the previous account.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep the same account number.  Such is the way with “Pay as you go” accounts.

(Sidebar: I also wasn’t able to keep my grandmother’s number when we switched her mobile account to a “pay as you go” account)

Actually, I am on the mifi  right now. It is charging because I use it while I’m commuting to connect via my iPod Touch.

I am a bit bummed because Its only lasts an hour or so until it has to be charged again.

Also, its gets pretty heated as well, so it wouldn’t be wise to use for a long period of time, i.e. an hour.

Overall, the service is good to use in a pinch, but I would be quick to use it as my primary means of connecting online.

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I saw this commercial on Attack of the Show this morning from my DVR.

Vivitar, the camera company decided to market its 35mm camera and spin in as an advantage targeting the older market who yearns for when life was much easier and all one had to do was drop off the film.

As for me, I stopped bringing my film to a shop when they lost my film of when I came back from 2 weeks on the French Riveria.

What my Grandma would say is that “Why do I need a camera? I have you, as long as you remember to actually BRING the camera!”

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Since Gram doesn’t get the newspaper often anymore, she is glued to the TV.

She caught this interview of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook by Diane Sawyer at ABC World News Tonight. Grandma said that she understands better now about Facebook than before the interview.

Gram also pointed out that Zuckerberg is a college dropout. (Sounds like someone else we know?)

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Open Red Notebook and Red Pen

Whenever I forget to do something, my grandmother always asks me “How come you didn’t write it down?!”

There is something about writing it down that makes it stick to memory.

However, when people think of me, they normally do not think about pen and paper.

When I thought about stationery in the past, I thought about special occasions.

To tell you the truth, over the years, I had an on-again, off-again, relationship with pen and paper.

Typically, when I am with pen and paper, I am commuting.

The notebook that has motivated my to keep track of my goals is my moleskine notebook.

Every time I take it in my hands, I feel a sense of calm, and  purpose . Writing my goals on paper gives my a permanent reminder only do I have a place for my goals, but I also see the progress within me.

Even though in this age of CRMs , PDAs and spreadsheets, there is still value in writing it down in a notebook that I like, no love.

How many notebooks can I say that about?

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After a busy few weeks, I finally am able to catch up on reading my feeds. One post stuck close to home, Web Working Your Way Through a Personal Crisis.

I have written about my crisis before, and how I dealt with it.

After I while, I realize that I can’t hide behind my problems.  Instead, I’m adapting to them and trying to make lemonade out of lemons.

For instance, I had to do errands for my grandmother and during downtime, I was able to use my fairly new broadband modem to do some light work.

Of course, there is no set method or formula for dealing with a crisis. The only cure is time.

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