Disclosure: As of the date of this post, I am a Sprint Customer. I have a few months left on my contract and am examining my options for my next mobile device.

Just in case you haven’t been paying attention, Sprint recently announced a new product to its offerings. An accessory for the iPod Touch.

The Sprint ZTE PeelTM turns an iPod touch to a connected 3G device. You can connect another wireless enabled device to it.

The monthly service plan is $29.99 plus fees and taxes with no annual contract and it provides up to 1GB of data via 3G.

My option at this point is to hold tight since I have both an iPod Touch and a Virgin MiFi Mobile, which has a  $40 monthly unlimited broadband plan.

Also, I’m still waiting to see what Skype is going to do about number portability and I’m a bit weary about the 911 issue.



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I am an Amazon and Mozy affiliate.

A week ago, I went to the Apple store. I was able to recover my music from the incident, thanks to Mozy Unlimited Backup. I was able to download my free applications, but not my paid ones.

The person at the Genius Bar told me that I should of been able to re-download my paid apps free of charge.

Unfortunately, I searched for an paid app that I previously had, but the app had an upgraded version, which meant no free download. So $2.99 later, I l learned the hard way that it was “not” an application I had before.

So if misfortune befalls your iPhone or iPod Touch and you need to reinstall everything, please take heed of my tale.

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I am an Amazon Affiliate.

Unless, you have been under a rock, it has been a crazy couple of weeks in the industry of old school media (meaning books.)

The iPad came out, further questioning the delivery of books. When I first saw it, I has flashbacks of the Minority Report scene with Tom Cruise when her was weaving in and out of the DC Metro and someone had a tablet like device reading the “New York Times” and the headlines and front page story kept changing. Are we part of the way there with this device?

However, in terms of academia, this all remains to be seen. Do I see student’s flocking to buy the device? No.
Students multitask and the peanut gallery has deemed that this is not a multitasking device.

In “the stuff I wish I had when I was a student category,” Barnes and Noble is rolling out textbook rentals. This is a good move because at the end of the semester, students would be lucky to get a quarter of the price that they paid for the books at the beginning of the semester.

Finally long standing academic publisher Macmillan, is in negotiations with Amazon to offer ebook content.

Folks aren’t exactly on the fence to see if this will be the “game changer” like what people are touting the iPad to publishing ad iPod to music.

As the group Swing Out Sister says in it recent album, Beautiful Mess says, “Where we’re going is anybody’s guess…”.

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Recently, I stumbled across this tweet on Twitter:

RT @mashable: Don’t Underestimate the Power of the iPod Touch in the Smartphone War – http://bit.ly/7cRD68

I have a iPod Touch for a while now. I consider it my play/leisure  personal device while I use my Blackberry for business.

I don’t know if I will go for a full on iPhone anytime soon. The coverage question has scared me a bit since I heard from colleagues at conferences.

Meanwhile, the Touch has helped me ease into the day, by reading my email and twitter feeds without having to start a computer.

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Thanks to the folks at ClickBooth, I won an iPod Touch. Now that it has finally arrived, I should be jumping for joy.

However, I already have an iPod with over 15gb of capacity left. So I’m wondering how both my new shiny toy and my steady can co-exist in harmony.

I stumbled upon a Lifehacker post about how Gina Trapani uses her iPod and as an external hard drive.

Another friend suggested that I keep all the music on the iPod and put everything else on the iPod Touch. I looked this up on the Apple support site and yes, it is possible.

I do have a list of applications I would like to try like Pandora for the music I can allow, Facebook, Everenote, and Freshbooks iPhone Time tracking App for starters.

I am perusing around the Apps store, but can anyone recommend any other apps that I may like? With the iPod Touch, I am at the mercy of Wi-Fi so be kind. Feel free to comment below.

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OK, so folks are probably tired of me going on and on about my iPod. Interestingly enough, I was conversing with a colleague about how much space is really needed on an iPod, and also how many songs does the typical person listen to during a typical commute?
My all time high to date is 27 commuting from home to a client.
How many songs do you normally listen to on a commute?

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