Staples Arc vs Levenger Circa

Notebooks are one of my favorite things. I rotate notebooks like I rotate seasons. This is why I thought it would be a good idea to write my thoughts on the Staples Arc vs Levenger Circa.

One notebook system that I have been using is the Staples Arc Notebook System.

As of this writing, I’ve been using it for about 4 years.

Before the Arc, I was using the Levenger Circa. I was first introduced to it during a business trip.

I like being able to rearrange sheets, dividers, and folder. I also like being able to change a notebook cover on a whim.

There are fairly compatible. I’ve been known to mix and match.

Why did I switch from the Levenger Circa to the Staples Arc?


Staples is nearer to me than the Levenger Store (there are none in my state.) The pricing doesn’t hurt either.

Also, my favorite Levenger sales person who I used to call retired.

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I hardly print out anything nowadays unless it absolutely necessary.

DYK (as the kids say,) or for the rest of us, “Did You Know?” that if you changed the font that you use that your ink can last longer?

Lucky for me, I was always partial to a particular font.

This tip will especially come in handy for those on campus who are submitting papers the ‘old school’ way.

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Disclosure: I am an Evernote Affiliate.

When will the strike through, you know strike through feature be available on the Mac? Its on the PC.

I know check boxes work for some folks, but I need to see in a second if I completed a task or not, no matter what platform I’m on.

Strike through feature on PC.

Mac Version. Note, the strike -throughs are from the PC, there is no strike through button on the Mac program.



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I read and listened to Colleen’s a.k.a The Communicatrix’s post about seeing your goals daily. I came away inspired, but I didn’t have the time to do what she suggested. I admit that I am sometimes lazy, but I would still like to be reminded of my goals daily.

The first thing to have a Gmail account. If you don’t have one, you can easily sign up for one.

The next step is to create labels. Labels are the way that people organize their emails in Gmail.  If you don’t want to create labels, you  can use the starred items system  which Lifehacker has a how-to on.

For the purposes of this post. I created the labels S/Goals and S/Tasks. For more on how I came up with these labels, read the post from Web Worker Daily.

Next go to the Labs feature. You can get there one of two ways. Either click on the beaker icon on the upper right hand side of the gmail account, or  click on “Settings“, then “Labs“.  Find and enable the  Gmail Labs Plugin for Multiple Inboxes. With Multiple Inboxes you can see up to 5 groups of emails based on labels or other email addresses.

After Multiple Inboxes Plugin is enabled, you can go designate what folders you would like to see visible when you open up your gmail account.  Click on “Settings” again and then “Multiple Inboxes“. Here you can see which labels are visible. There’s room for 5.

Now, you can go ahead and go through your emails  and label them S/Goals and/or S/Tasks, but what happens if you think of a goal or task and you are away from your desk?

Enter filters.

To create a filter, you go to “Settings” and “Filters“, and click on “Create a new filter.”

We are going to create a filter so that all emails coming from the goals email will be labeled with the S/Goals tag.

1. In the To: field type where “username” is you current gmail account.

2. Click on the “Next Step >>” button.

3.  Click on the checkbox next to Apply the label and select “S/Goals”

4. If you have emails already labeled,  they should appear below the settings. You have the option to apply the setting to the existing emails.

5. Click “Update Filter”.

6. Repeat  steps 1-5 for the “S/Tasks” label.

The result:


My goals and tasks are now visible whenever I open up my gmail account.

How do you use your Gmail account to accomplish your goals?

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I was coming back from a client  last week and I saw quite a few laptops on the train. Typically my commute is less than an hour, so its not worth it  for me to whip out the laptop, because as soon as I take it out, its time to get off the train. It would be a different story if I was going regional (more than a couple of hours) then it wouldn’t be an issue.

For now, I’ll stick to my usual mode of operation.

Let me know are you more likely to use the laptop while commuting or waiting until you get to your destination?

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Just in case you didn’t know, most people received the functionality to create lists of fellow Twitterers on their account.

Finally people are able to figure out what people *really* think about them. One person tweeted that their branding was working.

Most people were filled with gratitude that they are included on so many Twitter Lists.

This also gives people an opportunity to follow new people they weren’t previously aware of. You can also choose to make your Twitter list(s) private. After all, you wouldn’t want the whole world to know who your happy hour buddies are. For more on how to create, find and manage Twitter Lists, check out this post from Web Worker Daily.

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With the amount of blogs out there, it is near impossible to visit every blog every day, that’s why feeds were invented.

However, when your blog feed hits over 100 or 1000, the thought of reading every single post can seem overwhelming as well as daunting.

This is the beauty of feeds, you can read, highlight what titles grab you and delete the rest.

Also a tip with video posts (or blog posts on the longer side), if the video is longer than 2 minutes, I normally save it for weekend viewing.

This way, one won’t be overwhelmed and feeling guilty about having to read every single post.

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The grief process happens to us all whether we are employed full-time, part-time or freelancing in my case.

I have come up with tips through my experiences as to how to deal with grief.

1. Inform current clients that you need the time off – Its OK to take time to grieve and one cannot put grieving on a set schedule.

2. Inform prospective clients – if they cannot understand or need someone to work on something right away, its OK to pass projects up. As Gram says, if it was meant for you, they will either wait or move on.

3. Outsource – If you are eager to help the prospect, but don’t have the energy, see about outsourcing the project to someone that is eager and who can work on the project on you behalf.

4. Set a voice mail message so that people will not be expecting for you to get back to them right away.

5. Journal with pen and paper – Journaling offline helped me to capture memories and good times. It also helped me to face my feelings about loss and work towards being at peace with the situation.

6. Work on work in small doses. With accomplishing small tasks, it helped me to build back my self esteem, so that I would have the courage and strength to get back to the big projects.

7. Take time to clean up your own business. I took my own advice from a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t do any coding for a week. I worked on cleaning out my inbox, prioritized my emails, sorted my filters, and cleaned out my place. Anything that would help to clear one’s head and be prepared to eventually get back to business is a positive step.

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