While I was watching TV  2 weeks ago, the Vision Board was referenced  at least twice on the small screen.

During sneak preview week, on the “Sherri” show, Sherri and her co-workers created “Dreamboards.”

On the TV show “Glee”  Rachel Berry played by Lea Michele, instead focuses on one goal at a time. At the beginning of the show, her “board” consisted of a Grammy award, by the end of the show, her goal became focused on making Regionals.

No matter how long term or short term the goal is, vision boards help to put all of it in perspective.

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Old Retro TV noise

I was perusing the Top 100 search terms from Google and noticed that a “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” question was in the top 100. How do I know this? I was watching the show today with my grandmother and the question came up. Its very rare that I remember something from the TV. Its more the case that I remember something from online.

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