A professor from the University of South Carolina who encouraged her students to use Twitter in their French class will be receiving an honorary knighthood from the French government.

Dr. Lara Lomicka Anderson, associate professor in the College of Arts and Sciences at USC, will be awarded the Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Academiques (Order of Academic Palms) for advancing the French language. It’s quite a big deal – the original deceleration was established by Napolean Bonaparte.

Dr. Anderson, who is also the author of The Next Generation: Social Networking and Online Collaboration in Foreign Language Learning, a book about how social networking can be used to advance foreign language instruction and improve online study, and alongside colleague Dr. Lara Ducate has actively promoted the use of new technology in foreign language teaching.

Dr. Anderson says the use of Twitter has helped to foster conversation and built a greater sense of community in and out of the classroom. She received funding for her research from the American Council on Education and AT&T.

This isn’t the first time Dr. Anderson has been the recipient of a major award. In 2008 she was bestowed with the National Excellence in Technology award by The American Council.

Dr. Anderson will be knighted and honoured by the French consul this fall.

See what happens when one combines social media and language and tweeting and there’s impact.

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I was not a big Twitter guy before I began working for the MLB Fan Cave. I knew what it was, and had friends that were very active on it, but it didn’t seem like something for me. I figured that since I was rarely able to contain my thoughts in 140 characters in real life, there was little chance of me doing it successfully on the internet.

I was wrong. I use Twitter constantly now, and find it to be a more immediate source of news and information than using a television. Obviously, some things on Twitter need to be taken with a grain of salt, but for the most part, it can be a useful tool.

Read more about how Twitter has changed the game for America’s Favorite Pastime.

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It seems that not too long ago, that I started the Too Long To Re-Tweet blog series.

Now with more acceptance of the Re Tweet button, there just hasn’t been a need to create blog posts.

So I have been using the Re-Tweet button but there were some Tweets that I would like to comment on.

@jesskry suggested to use Tweetdeck to switch back and forth, so that’s where I’ll be going.

In the meantime, I am still waiting for Hootsuite to roll over the “hybird” button to the web interface, as it already in the iPhone Version.

Also if you want to catch up on who I profiled, you can read the Too Long to ReTweet Daily.

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I'm Tweeting

Its that time again, but with a twist.

I tweeted what I could, but there where some tweets that were, lets say it, “Too Long To Re-Tweet”.

So without further delay:

RT @hollywoodhwife: I wish that in the panels, they had the panelists name and Twitter up on the screen.  Would help tremendously. #blogher10

RT @Digitas: Don’t be too quick to moderate (blogs/networks), sometimes the best conversation stem from the community talking with one another. #BlogHer10

RT @tkgpr: Overheard @ #blogher10: LinkedIn is my office, Facebook is my front porch, Twitter the corner store RT @SmartBrief: RT @SBWorkforce #solopr

RT @sandy_carter: Favorite quote so far #BlogHer10 “Analytics is the new Black”  Exploit new info explosion!   #IBM Ceo Study #ibmpartner

RT @acorndreaming: My take away from publishing panel – Publishing is possible, but requires the author to be marketer as well as writer #blogher10

RT @MorethanMommy: Honored that @cecilyK @kimt205 @looneytunes @anissamayhew @mayhewp are sharing their stories, humor and strength with us. #blogher10

RT @connieburke: Awesome to catch up with @Sugarjones at #blogher10. Just love ppl who can pick up right where you left off even if it’s been a year.

RT @TechyDad: To my new #BlogHer10 followers: Please be patient with me. After we get back/settled in I’ll go through my new follower list to follow back.

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Its that time again:

RT @NYCTSubwayScoop: Tweeps: another scorcher in store today. Don’t run for that train, another one is coming. It’s cooler in the middle of the car #SubwayHeat

RT @smallbiztrends: The LeBron story is a lesson in customer loyalty – you may think you have it, but all it takes is a few minutes and it’s gone.

RT @ducttape: Have you added your business to to Twitter Places? See the location in this tweet, might be good for those using location tweets

RT @dcap: the internet used to feel like the wild west to me. now it feels like times square. shiny, safe & filled with ads. i miss the scary web

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