Weekend Project: Winding Down after a Conference


I’m  back from Blogher 10. I know I didn’t have to travel far, but none the less, a conference can take a lot out of you whether you traveled less than 10 miles or over 10,000 miles.

Here are some tips that can apply.

1. Take time to rest – if that’s a nap, sleeping, watching TV out in or taking in a magazine or a good book, its important to take the time for you.

2. Follow up in your time – I know there are suddenly many request to follow up with new and old friends, but its better to wait and give a clear lucid response rather than a rushed harried one.  Go here for tips on how to Deal with Post-Conference Information Overload.

3. Order in if you don’t have the energy – If ordering is not an option, make sure you have something that you can prepare and eat in minutes, not hours.

4. The Cleaning Can Wait – This is self explanatory.

5. Its OK not to pick up the phone – At least for the first 24-48 hours

How do you re-charge after a conference?

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