With every mistake comes an opportunity

I have been through three (3) Treo 650s in a matter of a month in December and early January of this year. Long story short, there was always something wrong with a feature. When I attempted to hotsync everything back to the “new” Treo, I lost all my pictures and my tasks. Losing the pictures wasn’t as devastating as losing my tasks.

Instead of dwelling on how this is the worst thing that can happen to me, next to all that has happened last year, I decided to be proactive and see this as an opportunity to focus on what really matters.

Before, I had close to 100 tasks on my list, now with refreshed perspective, I slimmed my list to 37 items.

My point, take the time and step back from a setback. Find the opportunity to question, analyze, understand and refine your process, whether it’s obtaining a new contract or evaluating a website.

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