Make Your Voice Heard

Due to “popular” demand, I have been asked to provide some insight as to how I do what I do and how did I eventually get listed in the search engines.

As a treat for Valentine’s month, I am providing a tidbid of advice.

For starters I’m sure that you have a favorite magazine, e-mail newsletter and/or blog that you read for business or for recreation.

Here are a few suggestions for having your voice heard as an expert:
1. What article(s), blogs, etc. have left you asking questions?
2. Or, do you have a different angle on an article, or a take that’ s an 180 degree spin?
3. Are you prepared to stand by what you said?
4. Are you aware where you are sending your comments to, and the policies for that particular publication? Most “letters to the editor” become the property of the publication upon submission.

For an example of this in action, please see my commentary to a MediaPost (an Media Industy website) at

Once you have answered those questions, then you can feel free to make your voice heard.

Please let me know if this tip is helpful.

If you can’t wait until the next tip comes out, please feel free to peruse the nextSTEPH Blog ( for updates on articles and commentary about the practice of web design, development and online marketing.

Happy Valentine’s Month and thank you for allowing me to take your website to the nextSTEPH.

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