• One step at a time.

    One step at a time.

That’s right folks, I can’t register on certain websites or send e-mail from the sites because of my last name. Its not like I can CHANGE the name. I was born with it. Although, we appeciate the filters put in place to protect all from unsuitable language, there is nothing I can do about my name. I had a few run-ins with websites, including my cell phone company and an online class. The boiling point was when I didn’t consider a job offer from a company because I could not register on their website, due to my last name.

I have no plans to change my name, or to get married anytime soon. My name is my career.

Does anyone out there has frustrating experiences online? Give a shot-out and comment.

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Death, Taxes and Jury Duty. The inevitable things of life if you are a US Citizen. In additon to going on Internet withdrawl for close to two days, I am finding ways to reorganize my business, life and my classroom lectures. Instead of moping around wondering when I can return to full digital divahood, I decided to take this opportunity to figure out what resources are available to jurors and prospective jurors online to better understand the process, make the time spent bearable and hopefully gain an appeciation for the U.S. Judical system.

I looked at the New York Juror website to get some bearing as to what to expect. After reading the site I decided to bring some tech books and my Mp3 player and left the cell phone at home.

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