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Remember when I did that post about finding a pay as you go wireless connection? Well, while I was at WordCampNYC (more on that later.) I *had* to go and get the Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go Wireless USB Card because I was paranoid that I would have a web connection during my presentation, much less the rest of the conference.

I found a quiet corner, followed the directions and I wasn’t able to connect the card. So I called Virgin’s Customer Service and they were very good with talking me through the process.

The only drawback is the pre-paid cards. Once you put it in the system, you only have a month to use them.

I got the $20 card which has 250MB data. I have like 225MB left. I would have been better off with a $10 card. At least now, I have no excuses not to get away from the office and roam.

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With any upgrade comes an opportunity to review and re-access. With cell phone upgrades, this is often the case. If your getting of have gotten your phone upgraded recently or not, the provider asks if you would like to transfer your contacts over. However, is that all there is to it?

How important are the contacts in the phone are important to you.
A good starting point is to see which contacts you happen to use the most. Is it clients, vendors, etc?
Make sure that you have their contact info readily available.  Also,  consider having VIPs such as family and friends on speed dial.

Since I have had both the Blackberry the iPod touch, and a iPhone, I have had been searching for some way for them to coexist peacefully. I *finally* figured out that I could use Microsoft Outlook to manage contacts on both devices. I use the Touch to look-up while I use the Blackberry to connect. After going through the contacts I reduced my contacts from nearly 1,000 to under 500.

Besides with mostly everyone on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, its not like if I can’t find a way to contact folks. Especially if you have the applications installed on your PDAs.

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I am a Mozy affiliate.

to repeat itself. I should of followed through with my own advice back in November when I first signed up for a 2GB Totally Free Online Backup! Compliments of Mozy account.

The computer desktop drama of last week has definitely woke me up to the importance of risk management which in my case includes regular online backups. More than likely I will have both a personal and business account.

So if you have a computer and you put everything on it and/or you carry around USB drives and you carry everything on there, do yourself a favor and save yourself some anxiety and sleepless nights. Try Mozy and if you need more space, you can always upgrade to Peace of Mind – Only $4.95/Month! Get Mozy Unlimited Online Backup. or to MozyPro for businesses.

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All this talk about mp3s has gotten me thinking about the mp3 players I had in the past and how they all in some shape of form have gotten me to this point.

1. Iomega Clik! Drive
. This is how it all got started circa 2000, 2001. There was a player that went with this that I cannot seem to find anywhere
online. It fitted about the length of a CD of songs. I had to carry 2 or 3 of these to make it throught the typical Gotham daily commute.

2. Then I went and got the Creative Zen NX. This was the answer because it handles both mp3s and .wma (which are still the majority of files that I have). For more on this, look at my previous post.

3. Then when I got the Palm Treo 650, I got the SanDisk 2GB SD Card
to only take my absolute favorites with me. This fits around 500 songs give or take.

4. Now with the Palm Centro, I have the SanDisk microSD Card. Now I have about 150 songs on it now. The important thing is now I’m not in such a rush frezny to get a MP3 Player per se.

In the end, when the right one comes along, just like everything else in life , I’ll know it.

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For a road warrior (more commuting warrior) like myself, I switch wireless networks as often as I switch clothes. Once I manually login to a network, I don’t want to manually login again if I can help it. Of course, it gets complicated and confusing when a network has the same name as another network. Then, you are at a lost as to which network to connect to. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Continue reading Have a unique name for your Wireless Network?

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Its day 3 with my Palm Centro Unlocked GSM Smart Phone
on the road, nearly 200 miles away from home. How I switched from the Treo 650 to the Centro? My cell phone provider’s equipment insurance program. Since they are not producing the 650 anymore, I received a candy apple red Centro. I’m getting over the shock of the smaller keyboard. On the other hand , its stylish, and it can still get down to business. After doing some research by visiting the Palm Blog regarding getting more out of the Centro and also by getting used to the phone and seeing the new Palm applications, I did decide that it was a upgrade in small package.

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