I normally don’t blog about the entertainment world, but this *just* happened. Rachael Ray’s announced on her Talk show this morning that her magazine, “Everyday with Rachel Ray” went green with the November 2007 issue.

The talk show and FoodTV network star stated that the magazine used 85% recycled fibers during a “Hollywood Buzz” segment with Lara Spencer of “The Insider”. This is a good move for both the environment and the magazine.

What does this move mean for other magazines that are not celebrity-driven? I already know of several that have been green already, offering electronic, (PDF) subscriptions such as the WHIR (Web Hosting Industry Review) and Website Magazine that are encouraging subscribers to go green by going electronic to receive the magazine.

We’ll keep an eye out to see how the magazine industry reacts to this.

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Today is Blog Action Day. Today many blogs all over the world are addressing the environment. Even though Blog Action Day lasts for one day, I have been trying to do my part for the environment for quite a while.

Besides changing my light bulbs, I have also refused plastic bags from the supermarket and opted to carry my groceries with my roll-up bag. I have at least saved 50 shopping bags.

Other things I have done is recycling bottles and cans. I have also recycled a computer printer last year. Plus, most of my bills I pay online, that saves trees and stamps too.
So no matter how one thinks that one act of recycling doesn’t matter, one can or one piece of paper can make a difference.

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