If you haven’t heard about Bullet Journalling already, it has been catching on.

I had started my Bullet Journal Journal Journey approximately 4 months ago. However, I was in no position to buy a new journal, tape or stickers.

Calendar - Mindful Bullet Journalling 

My only purchase was two packs of 4 color pens so I could write down tasks by priority and category.

As for paper, I decided to recycle what I already had. I already had the Staples Arc supplies (discbound discs, paper, dividers) graph paper from a notebook I didn’t finish and unused sheets from other journals. I also used a portable punch to punch the paper to fit into the journal, then I was ready. I felt that I was truly able to “do more with less.” Hence, mindful bullet journalling.

Vertical Calendar Mindful Bullet Journalling 

The best part about the Bullet Journal is that if you don’t like a layout, you can go to the next page and change it, no matter if it’s the next day, week, month or year. There are no two Bullet Journals that are alike and that what makes your bullet journal yours and yours alone.

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Today is Blog Action Day. Today many blogs all over the world are addressing the environment. Even though Blog Action Day lasts for one day, I have been trying to do my part for the environment for quite a while.

Besides changing my light bulbs, I have also refused plastic bags from the supermarket and opted to carry my groceries with my roll-up bag. I have at least saved 50 shopping bags.

Other things I have done is recycling bottles and cans. I have also recycled a computer printer last year. Plus, most of my bills I pay online, that saves trees and stamps too.
So no matter how one thinks that one act of recycling doesn’t matter, one can or one piece of paper can make a difference.

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The mantra here at TECHXNY is “stick to what you know and sell it”.

Olympus, HP and T-mobile were some exhibitors today that demonstrated their wares for show attendees.

Olympus promoted the C and D series of Digital Cameras. The C- series Cameras for everyday consumers offer a point and shoot digital camera, while the D Series are geared towards professional-business users.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) demonstrated their series of printers for primarily business use.
The business printer DesignJet 800 produced high resolution, eye-popping printout of cars and maps.
This model is more geared for the office user for concept to presentation drawings.

Cell Phone providers included in the event are T-moblie and Nextel. T-mobile had phones and communicators geared toward the young hipster to the serious business user.
Nextel is well know for it walkie -talkie feature on phones.

Despite all these features, the ideal of philantrophy is also present at the expo, The National Cristina Foundation is urging businesses to donate their used equipment to empower people with disabilites communites and non-profits. Dell Computer decided to take this concept more closer to home with its Recyling Program. On the Dell 4 Me recycling site at, users can choose to recycle their products in return for special offers from Dell or Donate for a tax deduction.

Iomega who wasn’t in attendance at the show, has been doing this for a while, offering discounts for upgrading their peripherals and customers send back their old equipment to the company, where the company donates them to areas in need.

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