It’s not often that I pull the angry auntie, or tia card (depends who you are talking to.)

This all started a long time ago, when women weren’t allowed to do certain things.

Fast forward to today.

At the recent #140edu conference in New York City, Lynn Langit (@llangit) – co-founder of Teaching Kids Programming was told as a young woman,

“Oh honey, girls don’t do math.”

The kettle was getting warm.

Then later in the week, Webgrrls posted about how one of the reasons girls and young women don’t go into technology  is that it can limit their dating potential.

The kettle was boiling.

Finally, JCPenny was selling these “I’m too pretty to do Homework T-shirt  and “My Best Subjects” to little girls.

These definitely caused the kettle to blow!

The power of the Internet did save the day and the retailer, decided to stop selling the Homework T-shirt.

With September being Women of Achievement Month, we should look to examples of women how have paved the way like Ada Lovelace , Sophia Germain and countless others. I hope that we can point to more pioneering women who are continuing to lead the way.

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One of the things about taking a vacation is deciding what books to bring. Today, the choice is made more cumbersome with the question of medium and device. I already made decison to stay unwired with books for the duration of my “vacation”. Read more about one person’s decision process.

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Technology in the trash

This morning, I ran across and tweeted a NYT article titled Gadgets You Should Get Rid Of (or Not).

Personally, this process has been going on with me for months, no years.

For instance, I ditched my landline 2 days before Chirstmas.

Since the landline is gone, I downgraded my 4 in 1 printer for a 3 in 1. I am selling it on eBay if anyone’s interested.

USB drive – in Process. I heart my Dropbox (aff link) account. My current physical drives were “acting up” including said usb drive. I went to a drive repair shop to get a quote. After I heard it, I figured that I might as well get a new computer.

Desktop Computer – I have to ask a couple of guys what if anything can be done to the desktop. I haven’t touched it in nearly 2 years, so it’ll be interesting to see what they can find.

Internet at Home – Stays, although there are always new offers coming out every other week. Stay tuned.

Cable – a few of my friends have cut the cord and are doing the Netflix thing. I am dependent on DVR because that’s the only way I can keep up with the lady on her daily viewing.

Stand Alone Camera – I’m keeping because I just brought mine over a year ago because I knew that the coming year would be a busy one with events abound.

Digital Music Player – I already donated one and recycled the other a couple of years ago.

Alarm Clock – I gave up and use the smartphone (no not an iPhone), but I have a backup with the TV auto on timer.

GPS Unit – I’m a New Yorker and I don’t drive. Enough said.

Books – I donated a good amount of my books to the local library and kept my favorites. Lately all my books are Kindle books.

Have you ditched your technology in the past year? Let us know in the comments.

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It’s that time of year again.

Yesterday, I attended the 2011 Small Business Technology Summit. While normally at these events I would be tweeting non-stop, turns out I did more in person networking than tweeting.

Therefore, I searched the #smallbizsummit feed and have highlighted the best tweets that encapsulate the summit.

As always, thanks to @RamonRay , @marianbanker , the staff and all involved for throwing a phenomenal event.


RT @ChellyElite: Walk a show before you decide to become a vendor. – Angela Jia Kim #smallbizsummit

RT @oppsproject: LOVE RT @huangjulie: “Very small businesses can do BIG things,” says @RamonRay #smallbizsummit

RT @Coach_Colette: Bootstrapping CAN lead to exponential growth! Connect w/customers & find right strategic partners #smallbizsummit

RT @LisaByrne: Mobile users are 51% more productive on a daily basis – Mark Gambill (Dell) #smallbizsummit

RT @themayoress: “Failure spurs improvement” – @colderICE at #smallbizsummit

Looking for more? Follow the #smallbizsummit hashtag on Twitter, and come out next year.

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Since the Thanksgiving weekend was a long one, I had an extra day to tackle my storage unit. The list of the items I brought with me to the unit were markers, tape, a pen, a notepad and scissors.  Little did I know, it would be my cellphone that would become the MVP (most valuable player for you non-sports fans) of the trip.

My original goal was to open 5 to 10 boxes at a time and record what was in each box with the pen and notebook.


However, I was stopped in my tracks by a text message. After I read it, I focused on the Evernote app I installed over a year ago. I didn’t think much of it until I opened my first storage box. I took the picture of the item, then I sent it to my Evernote account and I would sort it into a new notebook later.

The process went fast, that I cataloged more items than I expected. Now dealing with the storage is not so bad now that I know exactly what’s in the boxes.

The best things about Evernote is that its free and its everywhere (iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry and Desktop, Mac & PC versions) so there is no excuse why I can’t access information from my Evernote account.

Do you have an Evernote account? How are you using it? For business, personal, or both like I am? 🙂

Learn more about Evernote or sign up for a free account.

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Disclosure: I am a Yankees fan.

Unless you haven’t been paying attention, we have been focusing on where the iPad is allowed on campus over the past few weeks.

However, there are some places where the iPad isn’t allowed like some colleges and universities and Yankee Stadium (why you anyone want to carry it to the game is beyond me).

While the iPad is still exploring its boundaries, we can all be reassured that  this is only  the beginning.

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