What’s my online status?

Keyboard close-up with three smiley keys (emoticons)

Keyboard close-up with three smiley keys (emoticons)

This has been the question that people have asked me the most over the past several weeks. The truth is I don’t know. My mood has changed as quickly as the temperature due to circumstances beyond my control. However, the more pressing question has been where do I post my status?

I have been Twittering since late July. I’m careful about posting “my status” or what I’m doing there because Twitter is public and anyone can see what I’m doing.

There is also Facebook. One can edit their privacy settings for each application on Facebook. The advantage is that someone can have a bad day (or a bad week) and no one can know about it except their friends.

So what this all comes down to two things: what is your status and  who do you want to know?

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