Wild WE member celebrates Women’s History Month

Wild WE member celebrates Women’s History Month

New York, NY –February 22, 2006– Millions of Americans will be celebrating Women’s History Month during March. But one local resident is reminding everyone that each day Wild Women Entrepreneurs like her are making history and should be celebrated as well.
“It’s time to not only celebrate the women who made today’s opportunities possible but also celebrate the accomplishments that women are making every day,” says Stephanie M. Cockerl who owns and runs nextSTEPH in Inwood, New York City.
Cockerl points to recent Census Bureau statistics that show that women are creating businesses at twice the rate of men. “It’s obvious that women business owners are now critical to the financial stability of our country,” she says. “These are Wild Women Entrepreneurs who should be admired.”
Founded in 1997, nextSTEPH helps small businesses to take their websites to the nextSTEPH by web design, programming and online marketing. Principal and Web Consultant , Cockerl is a member of Wild Women Entrepreneurs (Wild WE).
“Women now own 9.1 million businesses in the United States. These businesses greatly contribute to the American economy by employing 27.5 million people and earning approximately $3.6 trillion dollars towards the nation’s market,” says Ja-Nae Duane, president and founder of Wild WE (www.thewildwe.com). “During Women’s History Month, we salute all Wild Women making history – from the stay-at-home mom trying to run a small business or a fast-paced woman climbing the corporate ladder.”

Wild Women Entrepreneurs is a membership-based organization that encourages women to reach their full potential in business and in life. Wild WE’s objective is to share the tools, networks and ideas women need to assume leadership. “More and more successful business women are turning to Wild Women Entrepreneurs to connect and promote themselves to other professional women,” says Duane. “Women of Wild WE take what they learn from each other to better promote themselves and their businesses in the competitive economy.”

For more information on Wild Women Entrepreneurs, go to www.thewildwe.com.

Stephanie M. Cockerl

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